Our craftmanship relies on using only first-class materials, from the quality and functionality of the portuguese fabrics, to the elegance and refinement of the best italian silks.

We are in constant research for new fabrics and textures.

Our garments are produced “one at a time” relying on detail-focus, hability and expertise of the “old craftsman”, making sure that we don’t produce nothing banal. It´s all about “slow fashion”.

We are always looking forward, yet we are inspired by History and a classy approach.

During the entire production sequence, every step is carefully monitored, in every detail, to ensure the greatest attention and quality.

Real fashion by real people: our artisans have the knowledge and the techniques that were passed throughout generations, since the north of Portugal has always been linked with the textile industry.

Because we know accessories can make a difference and define a man’s style, our pieces are a unique tribute to individuality.

Handcrafted, piece by piece, each garment is designed for the independent-minded man, who likes to construct his own lifestyle.